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Mason Coyne the son of Frederick Eugene (aka FE Coyne) and Pauline Niehaus Coyne, was born June 6, 1897. He died suddenly on December 29, 1959, I don't know anything of his early life, other than he was 4 years old, two years after the Spanish Navy Victory at Santiago.

Being the first son to enlist, he was a Private under Major AFW Sieble during the World War. My search has found that he was a Private in the old 2nd Infantry Illinois National Guard when he went to the Mexican border with his outfit in 1914, the war against Huerta.

He then went to Camp Logan, along with brother Frederick, near Houston, waiting for overseas duty. They were with the 33rd Division.

Please feel free to email me if you can enlighten me anymore on Mason or his family.

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