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Mobilized at Camp Logan, along with brother Mason, near Houston, Texas

33rd Division (The Prairie Division), as well as brother Mason
Both took part in several of the Marne engagements
Fred's artillery supported Mason's infantry, which was quite unusual

He enlisted in military service a few days prior to the declaration of World War I, April 6, 1917.  Having been promoted through successive enlisted grades from Private to Sergeant First Class (Top Sergeant), he was selected to attend the 3rd Officers Training Camp at Leon Springs, Texas and was commissioned 2nd Lieutenant on May 8, 1918 in the Federalized Illinois National Guard (123rd Field Artillery).
Following participation in the St Mihiel Sector and Meuse-Argonne Offensive, A. E. F. in France, he transferred to the Regular Army, 5th Field Artillery, 1st Division and remained in the Army of Occupation at Coblenz, Germany, returning to the USA in September 1919.
He was selected and passed examinations for commission in the Regular Army as a 1st Lieutenant.

Transferring to the Finance Department in 1932, he was detailed to the Air Force, serving at various posts, including Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio where he spent 7 yrs in Finance and Budget & Fiscal as chief of those departments. He was responsible for the prompt payment of all contracts on aircraft and supplies used in World War II.  He was head of the group which initiated the present Cost Accounting and Controller systems now used in the Air Force as a member of the staff of the late General William Knudson, former head of General Motors.  Ordered overseas in 1945, he was Staff Fiscal Officer for the Strategic Air Force and Pacific Air Command, supervising such operations in the Philippines, Okinawa, Guam, Hawaii and other island installations in the Pacific Theater.  Prior to retiring in October 1947, he was assigned as Director of the Accounting Division, War Assets Administration, Washington, D.C.  Colonel Coyne was the holder of 6 service medals and received the Silver Star Decoration under a combat citation in World War I.  In addition, for outstanding services in World War II he was awarded the Bronze Star, Legion of Merit and Commendation Medal, with metal pendant.


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