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Next Generation                   Unidentified Coynes

James Coyne (born around 1828) and Martha Snow (born around 1834).....I know very little about these two. I first discovered their existence around 1999. I know nothing of their married life, although one might wonder if it was full of strife. I have in my possession copies of some of James' Civil War records. Soon, I will scan those & post them on the site. I also have copies of court papers when Martha applied for a Widow's Pension. She went through alot, based on these papers, trying to prove that James was dead, in order to qualify.
They were married on September 25, 1854, at the residence of his uncle, also named James Coyne, of Irvington, NJ. Both born in Ireland, in Roscommon County; they are the parents of :

Anne Coyne, born NJ, 1857 (ref note below)
George Coyne, born Iowa, 1859
(ref note below)
Frederick Eugene Coyne (FE Coyne)., born East Orange, NJ after May 1860
Jane Coyne, born NJ, 1861
(ref note below)
Theodore Coyne, born NJ, 1865
(ref note below)
Helen (Nelly) Coyne, born NJ, 1867 (ref note below)
Robert Coyne, born NJ, 1869 (ref note below)
William E Coyne, born NJ, 1872 (ref note below)
Ernest Coyne, born NJ, 1874 (ref note below)

Don Crispien:

Annie Coyne, 1857
Jennie (Jane?) Coyne, 1861
Theodore, Nelly, Robert, William & Ernest birth dates given by above named reference


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