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 James and Martha      Coyne Surname

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Eastern Division
Wid. Orig. No. 921,250
Martha, widow of
James Coyne,
Co. A. 1st NJ Vol LA


William Snow, being first duly sworn, on oath, deposes and says
that he is a resident of East Orange, New Jersey, residing at 12
McKinley Avenue, and that he is a brother of the claimant in this
case, but has no financial interest in the outcomes of the claim.

Affiant further states that he was present at the marriage between
James Coyne, who afterwards enlisted in Co. A., 1st NJ Vol LA,
and Martha Snow; that the said marriage took place at the residence
of James Coyne, uncle of the soldier, James Coyne, of Irvington, NJ,
and that at the time of the said marriage, the said James Coyne was
a widower.

Affiant further states that his sister, the said Martha Coyne, widow of the
said James Coyne, was at the time of said marriage a maiden, never having
before that time married, and that the said Martha Coyne never, since the
disappearance of her said husband, been married, but remains the widow of
the said James Coyne.

Affiant further states that he remembers the time of the disappearance of the
said James Coyne, and remembers that all efforts possible were made to
ascertain as possible, the wherabouts of the said James Coyne, but also
states that no member of the family or any other person, to the knowledge
of this affiant, ever heard anything of the whereabouts of the said James Coyne,
and that this affiant verily believes the said James Coyne to be dead.

William Snow

Subscribed and sworn to before
me this 2nd day of July, 1909.

John W McWilliams
Notary Public

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