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Below is an email I received in response to an inquiry about my grandfather, Frederick Eugene Coyne, Jr., and great - grandfather, Frederick Eugene Coyne (aka FE Coyne)

Some info is incorrect, maybe they didn't give the Masonic Order the correct info, on purpose?

Patti G

From: "OfficeMgr" <>
Sent : Monday, February 25, 2002 3:45 pm
Subject: surname Coyne

Dear Ms Gigandet:

This communication is in response to your request for information on the above mentioned surname. The information have found pertaining to your grandfather Frederick Eugene Coyne, Jr is as follows: He was born 4/7/1890 in Chicago, IL. He took his degrees in Rockford Lodge No. 102, he was elected on 10/04/1917. At the time he took his degrees he was listed as being in the Army. We know that he died in 1978, we do not have an exact date. He remained a Master Mason in Good Standing for all 61 years, up through his death in 1978.

As for his father, F. E. Coyne, he was born in 1861 in Ohio. His occupation was listed as a Real Estate agent. He took his degrees in Garfield Lodge No 686. He was elected on 11/21/1893, initiated 11/21/1893, passed 11/25/1893 and was raised to Master Mason on 11/28/1893. He was suspended for non-payment of dues 6/15/1925 and reinstated on 8/1/1927. Once again, he was suspended for non-payment of dues on 6/20/1938 and he did not reinstate to Good Standing before his death in 1948.

I hope this information is helpful

Office Manager

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