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Rowe Descendant Tree George and Lucy Rowe

Absalom Peyton Rowe
Absalom Peyton Rowe (11/17/1817 - 6/2/1900) was the first child and son of George and Lucy Rowe. He may have been born in Stafford County, Virginia.

At the age of 27, Absalom married Caroline County (Bowling Green) native Almedia Frances Gayle (1828 - 1913) on June 2, 1845, in Spotsylvania County. Absalom was a member of the Baptist church, may have been a butcher and cattle dealer and served 12 years as mayor of Fredericksburg, at some point. He also served 2 years in the Virginia House of Delegates.

Absalom Rowe served as a Quartermaster in the Confederate Army.

Absalom and Almedia Rowe's children were:

Elwood Rowe, died as an infant
Robert Lee Rowe, died as an infant
George Thompson Rowe (1848-abt 1883), married Anna Heath, of NJ
Maurice Broaddus Rowe (1850- ?), married Cora Motley
Ida Gayle Rowe (1852 - abt 1900), married Erasmus William Hopkins (1824 - 1876)
Josiah Porter Rowe (1855 - 1933), married Julia Cullen Taliaferro (9/27/1857 - 1951), in 1887
Absalom Prescott Rowe (2/14/1859 - ?), married Blanche Messick
Alvin Tabb Rowe (1867- ?), married Macon FitzHugh Sale

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