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Rowe Descendant Tree Census Info

George Rowe (1793-1866) and Lucy LEITCH (1798-1863) were married on February 10, 1817. Both were born in Stafford County, Virginia and were known to be strict Baptists.

George is the son of John Rowe (4/ 25/1762 - 4/10/1799) and Sarah PEYTON (4/3/1767 - 3/5/1856). George was a Baptist minister.

Lucy is the daughter of Benjamin LEITCH (1754 - 4/2/1812) and Elizabeth PEYTON (died after 1811).

Their children were:
Absalom Peyton Rowe (1817-1900), married Almedia Frances Gayle (1828-1913)
Albert B Rowe (1819-?)
Sarah Rowe (1822-?), married Nathan Williford
Mary Ann Rowe (1824-1902), married John Luck (1827-1888)
John Gallatin Rowe (2/27/1827 - 4/16/1891), married Margaret Purcell (1830-1914)
George Henry Clay Rowe (1830-1870), married Virginia Sledd (1837-1870)
Robert Semple Rowe (1832- 1912), married Lavinia Greenwood (1838- aft 1912)
Lucy Frances Rowe, aka Fannie, (1834-1873), married William T King
James Montague Rowe (1837-1838)
Edgar Cephas Rowe (1839 - abt 1892), married Emily Sledd 1839 - bef 1892)
R Ella Rowe (1847-?), married Valentine Brown

Letter written by Dr Rowe to a Maude or Mandi Hurt, on Southern Sem Stationery:

July 11, 1915

My Dear Maude (or Mandi):

Can't you and Dr Hurt slip off sometime and come up here to see me? I will sure have plenty of room and I just know you both would enjoy it. And you know it would do you both good. Now write and tell me you are going to come. Will look for you both
EH Rowe


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