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Rowe Descendant Tree Edgar Cephas Rowe and Emily SLEDD

Lucy Frances Rowe
Lucy Frances Rowe was born on 9/24/1862 & died after 1938. She was the eldest daughter of Edgar Cephas Rowe and Emily Z SLEDD, and was born in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

She married Edgar Hartwell Goodrick (born abt 1866 & died bef 1938) , in Fredericksburg, son of William Henry and Mary E Goodrick. Edgar was a plumber, by trade. In the 1888-1889 City Directory, his occupation is listed as a Painter.

I believe they were next door neighbors. The 1889 city directory lists both of their addresses, in childhood, at Main St below Wolfe. In 1889, Lucy is listed as a dressmaker. Her address was 524 Main St, her father's residence, in 1892. His address the same year was 526 Main St, at his mother's residence, his father having already died. In 1893, his occupation is listed as a tin and sheet iron worker.

They were married on 1/17/1893. In the 1910-1911 City Directory, their address is listed as 541 National, in Fredericksburg. In 1938, Lucy was listed as living at 621 Lafayette and noted to be a widow.

Edgar Goodrick worked at Goodrick & Layton - a plumbing company. He may have been a part owner. This was in 1892 and the business address was 222 Commerce. In May 1890, he was a brass band member and in 1892 he belonged to a brass band called the Bowering Band. In 1897, he belonged to the Euterpean Orchestra.

Edgar & Lucy Goodrick's children were:

Edgar Goodrick, born in 1895

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