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Rowe Descendant Tree Index of Names George Henry Clay Rowe

Journal of George Henry Clay Rowe
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Wednesday, Sept 4, 1862

No occurence today of any interest. Spent the day in the different rooms of our party. Was led to reflect what an excellent opportunity this imprisonment presented for studying the characters of our party. I had learned more in this line, during the few weeks of our incarceration than I had previously done in all the years of my acquaintance and observation. I have been led to admire and appreciate some of our party in a much more eminent degree than ever before. I omitted to state that last night Mr Wood, the superintendent of the prison, called at our rooms with a series of questions, he had been furnished with by the U S Secretary of War, to propound to each of us. I took some of our party aside and advised that, in the first place, I did not acknowledge the right of the U S Government to propound such questions and, in the second place, as they were evidently intended to criminate us, that we should refuse to answer. The idea seemed to take in private consultation, but every man of them flinched when the questions came! When the superintendent came to my name, I flatly refused to answer his interrogatories, but seeing the whole of my comrades taking a different course, after the last name had been called, I arose, and telling the crowd that in my opinion they had both impaired their self respect and committed an error, I added that if they insisted on their action, I should accompany them. They were all silent and construing this as adhering to their position, I ordered Wood to write down the same answers as the rest of our party had given opposite my name. After Wood left, we had a very excited and amusing controversy in our room between Slaughter and Mr Scott, respecting the answers of Wood's questions. Slaughter set Mr Scott on fire by some remark, and the way he reared around was a caution to those concerned.

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