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The SLEDD family
William Sledd, a butcher in Richmond, VA, was born abt 1808 and died on August 24, 1869, in Hanover. He married Julia A Franklin, born abt 1810 and died on 2/22/1867, of consumption, or tuberculosis., They may have married before 1830. William may have had a brother named John P Sledd, who was born before 1804 - 1810.

Death Notices
Fredericksburg Ledger, Friday, August 27, 1869:
Mr William Sledd, one of the oldest and most highly respected
butchers of Richmond, died of paralysis on Monday night at his
farm in Hanover. He had been a member of the Methodist Church
for over thirty years - Richmond News
[Mr Sledd was the father-in-law of our late fellow citizen
GHC Rowe and of our present fellow citizen EC Rowe]

Fredericksburg Ledger, Tuesday, 2/26/1867:
After a protracted illness, of consumption, on Friday,
the 22d February, at the residence of her husband,
Mrs JULIA A SLEDD, wife of Mr Wm Sledd,
in the fifty-seventh year of her age.

William and Julia A FRANKLIN Sledd's children were:

Amanda Sledd (1833 - ?),
Virginia G Sledd
(1837 - 1873), married George Henry Clay Rowe (1830 1878), of Fredericksburg, VA
Emily Z Sledd (1839 - abt 1902), married Edgar Cephas Rowe (1839 - 1904), of Fredericksburg, VA
Anna H Sledd (1842 - 1906), married Burton Boutwell Crump (abt 1838 - bef 1906)
William B Sledd (1845 - 1847)
William C Sledd (abt 1847 - ?), married Ella S Ford (abt 1852 - ?)
Betty T Sledd (1848 - 1860)
Julia Sledd (1853 - ?)


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