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 Grandma  :)

ora This is Orra Curtis Rowe, my grandmother (my father´s mother) and sole inspiration for my genie life.  We didn´t get to see them too often, for they
were in Calif, then we moved to Utah, and finally in Ohio.  I remember
seeing the family tree she had completed when I was a child.  I was still a
bit young to remember it, but I do recall thinking it was pretty neato.  :)
Grandma was ripped from my life when I was about 10  I saw the family tree again sometime after her death, nearly a teenager and old enough to understand it.  I only remembered some surnames, and titles, but I have no idea which side it was on.ora2

I recall the history going back as far as the 1500s.  Shortly before my father died in 1987, I was curious about the family tree, but he couldn´t find it and his sister in Calif, couldn´t find her copy either.  I found this a little distressing, so I set out on a conquest to redo what she did, and hopefully of going further back, which I think I did, at least in her branch.  I started shortly before 1990, and started contacting relatives of my fathers, that I had never known about.  The past 10 years have alternated from active, passive & dormant searching.  Until this past year, alot of doors have opened for me, some of the doors are only ajar, but they open slowly most of the time.


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