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 From Winslow to Rowe to Coyne

1998-1999. 1st time we're all together  since Dad's death in 1987
Coyne sisters from top & clockwise:
Mary Winslow, Frances Jeanette, Helen Rowe, Patti Curtis & Kathleen Margaret Coyne









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Hi, my name is Patti and these are my sisters; we are the last in our Coyne line. Earliest known Coyne was James Coyne, (born around 1828) married to Martha Snow (born around 1834).  Both are from Roscommon County, Ireland, but didn't marry until they lived in the USA, specifically East Orange, Essex County, NJ. One of their children, Frederick Eugene Coyne (born 1860), who later settled in Chicago was our great - grandfather. Our grandfather, Frederick Eugene Coyne, Jr married Orra Curtis Rowe, daughter of Edgar Healey Rowe and Mary Winslow Shaw, descendant of Kenelm Winslow, brother of Edward Winslow, 3rd & 5th Governor of Plymouth Colony.


Our father married a Japanese woman by the name of Yaeko Fujii, who later
changed her name to Mary after converting to Catholicism and to make it
easier for Americans to say her name.
Someday I hope to find the time to research her side of the family in Japan. 
Unfortunately, we can only go back as far as her grandparents. 

Most of what you find on these pages are through my father´s side. Irish & German research
mostly, but further back it goes to medieval England and even to the Charlemagne period in Europe

My main surnames are Coyne, Winslow and  Rowe

We are the last of the Coyne legacy. After the last of us is gone, the Coyne name will be a
matter of history, except for the hope that at least one of our children will carry on our memory.

These pages are dedicated to my grandmother, Orra Curtis Rowe Coyne
Also, these pages are a tribute to all the women who came before me, all my mothers who
endured blood, sweat and tears just in their daily lives. 
No choices. 
But they paved the way for me and all my children that follow me.

If you know of any of the people on these pages, please email me, thanks

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