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Previous Generation                Coyne Surname

James Coyne Descendant Outline
According to the 1860 Census, his name was James Coyne, Jr and was a gardener.
James, along with another Coyne, Ferdinand Coyne volunteered for the 1st NJ Artillery, Battalion A on 9/1/1864 in Newark. His pension papers that Martha applied for on May 26, 1909 (link below) state he was with the "1 Batty NJLA". But it also might be CA instead of LA, which might mean Company A. But it is also typed this way (LA) in Martha's brother's affidavit (William Snow), when Martha applied for James' pension, as a senior citizen. But in a book written by his son, Frederick, it states he was in the 22nd NJ Artillery in the War of the Rebellion. But Frederick was only about 5 years old when his father returned from the war, so his memory may have been somewhat fuzzy.

Ferdinand was in a train crash & was gone on sick leave from June 13, 1865.  James was discharged on June 22, 1865.  Both men were described as having gray eyes, brown hair and a light complexion.  Ferdinand was 5´8” 1/2 and James was 5´8".   When they enlisted, Ferdinand was 33 and James was 36.   They may have been brothers or cousins.

James Coyne was previously married to a Jane Purdue, also from Ireland, I believe. They were wed June 17, 1850, in NJ. This puts him in America alot sooner than I had previously suspected. Jane Purdue Coyne died in 1853, when she was scalded to death, along with many others on a ship. Name of ship is unknown. All the burn victims were buried at sea.

James married Martha at his uncle's house in Irvington, NJ on September 25, 1854. His uncle's name was also James. On the 1860 census, he is listed as James, Jr, this is confusing since one would assume if he was a Junior, his father must be a Senior. And it is hardly likely that his uncle and father would have the same first name.

Both of James' marriages were performed by Rev James A Williams, Rector of St Mark's Church, in Orange, NJ.

Since James was 36 at the time of enlistment, he must have been born around 1828.
This would make him 22 at time of 1st marriage, 26 when he wed Martha, and 32 when Frederick Eugene was born in 1860.

James lived with Martha until 1883, when he left to visit his son, Frederick Eugene Coyne in Chicago and did not return to New Jersey until August 1888. He called upon Martha at her house in Jersey City, NJ and soon after left to visit his brothers in a nearby county in Orange, NJ. He was never seen again.


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