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James Coyne

William Snow's Notarized Statement


State of New Jersey, County of Essex,

In the matter of the claim for pension, act of April 19, 1908;
James Coyne
late of Batty A, 1st NJ Artillery

On this 26th day of June   A.D., 1909, personally appeared
before me, a Notary Public, in and for the County and
State aforesaid William Snow, age 78 years, whose address
is #12 McKinley Ave., East Orange, NJ who being duly sworn, declares in
relation to the aforesaid claim as follows:

I am a brother of above named applicant and I know she was never married
prior to her marriage to the above named soldier and know he was but once
married prior to his marriage to my sister. His first wife, Jane Coyne was
scalled to death on board a ship in 1853 as I now recall it, and she with
others were scalled beyond recognition, were burried by the ships company.

The soldier was not married between date of death of first wife and his marriage
to my sister. Soldier & applicant lived together about 30 years, then separated &
lived apart, but neither got a divorce, nor did not apply for any to my knowledge.
If a divorce was ever applied for or gotten, I am sure I would have heard of it.

Affiant further declares that he has no interest in said case and is not
concerned in its prosecution

William Snow

John W McWilliams

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James Coyne

William Snow's Notarized Statement


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