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Frederick Eugene Coyne, known in his circles as FE Coyne, was born in East Orange, NJ around 9/27/1860, son of James Coyne & Martha Snow, from Roscommon, Ireland. He died November 24, 1948.

Little is known about wife, Pauline Niehaus.  She was born in Clarkston, Indiana, around 12/30/1865, and maybe her mother´s name was Anna, family name unknown. She died November 14, 1948.

Very sad, they either died together or within a week, no cause of death is known yet.

In 2001, I discovered their bodies were handled by Drake Funeral Home & interment was at Graceland Cemetery in Chicago. Upon calling Graceland, I received cremation dates:

Pauline was cremated 11/14/48 at the age of 82 years, 10 months and 15 days. I deduced her birthday was 12/30/1865.

Frederick was cremated 11/24/48 at the age of 88 years, 1 mon and 28 days, so his birthday must be September 27, 1860.

FE & Pauline were married May 11, 1886. They had 6 children:

Jeanette Coyne (11/28/1887 - 8/9./1936), married Carroll Dun and settled in Toledo
Frederick Eugene Coyne, II  4/7/1889 - 10/12/1978
Edna Coyne, married an ML Vance and settled in Evanston, Illinois
Mason Bernard Coyne, born June 6, 1897 & died December 29, 1959
Richard T Coyne, born 1900 - 1901, died in 1990s
Pauline Coyne 3/15/1904 - 12/16/1934

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