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Death Certificate

Jeanette Coyne, first child and daughter of Frederick Eugene Coyne & Pauline Niehaus, was born in Chicago, on 11/28/1887. 

She was 7 years old on August 1, 1897, when President McKinley appointed her father FE Coyne as collector of Internal Revenue for the 1st District of Illinois.

She lived at 2632 Evergreen Rd in Ottawa Hills, Ohio, (I believe a suburb of Toledo) at the time of her death on August 9, 1936.

She died of Cardiac Syncope which probably caused her to have alot of fainting spells or loss of consciousness. According to her death certificate, she had a bowel obstruction, with surgical repair performed 2 days before her death. She had toxemia, an infection, which may have been caused by the surgery.

The informant´s name on the death certificate was Thomas Flager, who was the funeral director. She was cremated at Woodlawn Cemetery in Toledo, OH on 8/12/1936.

She was married to Carroll Dun and was a housewife.  I'm not sure of any children, but when I called the cemetery for info, they told me the only other Dun record they had, was of a Frederick Dun, died as an infant on 8/30/1973 and his father's name was Edward. So it's possible and I am assuming the Frederick was Jeanette's grandson, and maybe Edward was her son, since the name Frederick could have come from her father. Remember, this is just an assumption.

Please feel free to email me if you can enlighten me anymore on Jeanette or her family.


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