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FE and Pauline

Richard Coyne, youngest son of Frederick Eugene Coyne & Pauline Niehaus, was born in Chicago, after 1900.  I know that he was a baby in 1901.

When he was about 17, he wanted to join the Navy, in order to take part in the war effort along with his older brothers Frederick and Mason. But Richard had trouble passing geometry. He did, however, pass enough to be an alternate. In the end, he declined since the war was almost over.

In later years, Richard worked for Revlon, as to what position he held, that is a mystery at this point.

Richard died in the 1990s, exact year I am unsure, but I believe he was living in Sarasota, Florida at the time, with his son.

Please feel free to email me if you can enlighten me anymore on Richard or his family.


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