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Obituary Death Certificate

Pauline Coyne, daughter of Frederick Eugene Coyne & Pauline Niehaus, was born in Chicago on 3/15/1904.  She lived at 5633 Kenmore Ave at the time of her death on Dec 16, 1934.  She worked as an office clerk at Household Finance Company.  Worked as a clerk for 11 years, but I´m not sure if at this same job.
The informant´s name on the death certificate was Edna Vance or Yance from Evanston, Illinois.  This was her sister.

Pauline died from Acute Cardiac Dilatation secondary to Influenza diagnosed on 12/12/1934.   A Dr Jeffries was the medical examiner at 4630 Walden Ave.  Undertaker´s name was Charles Drake at 5200 N Western Ave.  She was buried at Graceland Cemetery on 12/18/1934, in Chicago.

Please feel free to email me if you can enlighten me anymore on Pauline or her family.


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