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 Pension Letter

Special thanks to Fiona O´Mahony for the following:

William Snow (78 years old on June 26, 1909), a resident of East Orange, residing at 12 McKinley Avenue, brother of the claimant stated that he was present at the marriage of James Coyne and Martha Snow. They were married at the residence of James Coyne, in Irvington N.J....this James was an uncle of the soldier. At the time James ( the one getting married!) was a widower. From other pages it says he was married to a Jane Purdue, who died in 1853 aboard a ship (this would not be their initial passage to America, because they were married in 1850 in NJ) and was buried by the ship's company. The letter went on to say that all possible efforts were made to locate the whereabouts of James but he was now presumed dead.

William Snow's General Affidavit
William Snow's Notarized Statement

Another letter (misspellings are left intact as written on my paper copy) is written which is more or less the same by a Robert Snow, (born around 1838), another brother. Robert Snow was from Caldwell County, NJ and was around 71 on June 26, 1909. Martha also filled out another form in 1909..this she did in Cook County, Illinois saying she was 74 yrs and all the usual dates from James and when he joined the army.
This letter, also from Cook County, dated 16th July says Martha Coyne is a resident of Chicago, 75yrs. It says when James joined and left the army and that he lived with Martha " from the time of their marraige up to the year 1883, when said soldier left and visited their son
F.E Coyne of Chicago, Illinois, and she did not after that see him until the month of August, 1888, when he called upon her at her residence, No 154 Halladay Street, Jersey City, aforesaid, but again left to visit his brothers in Orange, New Jersey; that since then deponent has enquired from his relatives and friends as to his whereabouts and at such other places when any information in reference to him might be ascertained, but has been unable to discover anything in reference to him"......etc...they believe him dead. Also, some fellow wrote a letter to say the matter could only be cleared up in New Jersey and wanted the following people to be questioned: William Snow, Robert Snow, Helen Ewald (I'm sure it says Clients Aunt beside the name...hard to read - but now know Helen is Martha & James' daughter), Richard Coyne (from Orange, Essex CO), Charles Coyne (Essex), Edward Coyne (Essex) and Ferdinand Coyne (Caldwell County).

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