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Edgar Healey Rowe  

Letter from Professor Price, UVA
The following excerpt is from a letter written by Prof Thomas R Price, M. A., LL. D., Prof of Greek in the University of VA and sometime Prof of English in Columbia, of NYC, indicates the high standing of Edgar Healey Rowe in the University of VA:
UNIVERSITY, VA., 2 February, 1880

My dear Rowe:
It was a grief to me to learn that you had made up your mind not to return to us. I shall miss you from your place in my class, and, as I had hoped, in my list of graduates. But I do not doubt that you have acted wisely; and your education is already ample for you to make of yourself whatever you wish to become. If, as you propose, you go into the Church, your excellent English style, accurate and simple, will be your best outfit: and your knowledge of Greek, and, as I believe, of Latin, will enable you to carry on your professional studies to any extent, and to become a distinct force in giving to our somewhat narrow and degraded forms of religion a wider, truer and nobler development. One man now who is capable of dealing with the sacred texts of Christianity and with the early records of the primitive Church, as an accurate and scholarly interpreter of what they mean, is worth an hundred who in their blind ignorance go on narrowing and degrading the faith into erroneous perversions
Thos R Price

Source: Wingfield's History of Caroline

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