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Rowe Descendant Tree George and Lucy Rowe Obituary

Robert Semple Rowe
Robert Semple Rowe (8/9/1832 - 11/28/1912), son of George and Lucy Rowe. was a Methodist minister in Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, DC., though he was raised in the Baptist church. He was educated in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

On 10/27/1847, along with brother John Gallatin Rowe, attended a Methodist Episcopal revival led by Reverend John Lanahan, from Baltimore, MD. It is believed their sweethearts, Margaret PURCELL and Lavinia GREENWOOD, had alot to do with their soon-to-be conversion to Methodism.

He married Lavinia GREENWOOD, born abt 1837, on December 1, 1853, in Henrico County, VA.

He moved to Maryland before 1880, when he was listed on the Census for Warwick Township in Cecil County, prior to that he was listed in the Census' for Spotsylvania and Fredericksburg, Virginia.

On the 1880 Census (Warwick Township, Cecil County, Maryland), son George, 25 was still at home, occupation listed as Paper Hanger. Daughter Jane was 13 at the time. Also, a niece Lidie MAY, age 3 was living with them. (The niece must have been from Lavinia's side - I know most of the surnames from the ROWE side.

He died in Baltimore on November 28, 1912, at the age of 80. Cause of death was listed as Apoplexy, similar to a stroke. He was buried at Loudon Park Cemetery on 12/1/1912

Robert and Lavinia Rowe's children were:

George G Rowe (1854 - ?)
Robert S Rowe (1856 - ?)
Arthur M Rowe (1858 - ?)
Jane L Rowe (1867 - ?)
Fannie Rowe
, married an EH Shelley


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