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Rev John G Rowe
2/27/1827 - 4/16/1891

John C Rowe was born on January 23, 1855 - he died the next year.

In 1855 & 1856 he was in King George, with 48 conversions; and in Westmoreland in 1857 & 1858, with 260 conversions throughout 7 appointments. In 1859 & 1860, 84 conversions in Caroline County.
He was back in Middlesex in 1861 & 1862. Due to war-torn conditions, he only held 2 meetings over a few days with 10-15 conversions. In King and Queen, there were 227 conversions from 1863-1865.
From 1866 - May 1869, he was back in Caroline County with 183 conversions.

On September 13, 1857, son Edgar Healey Rowe was born. 1864 was the birth of Purcell, Percy
or Percival Rowe
. Baby Lucy Rowe was born in 1865 and died the following year 1866.
Florence Estelle Rowe
was born on July 16, 1868.

In May 1869, he was appointed Agent for the Virginia Conference Sunday school society until
Conference 1871.

1870 Census in Hanorver County:
1870 census - Beaver Dam Depot (click Back on your browser to return)-
ROWE, John, age 44, male, white, Minister, value of real estate $1,800, value of property $3,500, born in Virginia
ROWE, Margaret, age 39, female, white, Keeping House, b. in VA
ROWE, Edgar, age 12, male, white, At Home, b. VA, attended school within one year
ROWE, Purcell, age 4, male, white, b. in VA
ROWE, Florence, age 1, male(???), white, b. in VA
HOLMS, Martha, age 21, female, black, Domestic Servant, b. in VA, cannot read or write
SMITH, George, age 23, male, mulatto, Farm Laborer, b. in VA, cannot read or write
SMITH, Frances, age 22, female, black, Domestic Servant, b. in VA, cannot read or write
SMITH, Jane, age 2, female, black, born in Virginia

Nettie Rowe was born in 1874. Other known children are Josiah and Maurice, birthdates unknown.

He then accepted an appointment as Agent of the Virginia Bible Society until Conference 1877.
He then went back to the Caroline County circuit for the third time. Upon his return, he is quoted
as opeing his sermon with biblcal verse, 2Corinthians13:1- "This is the third time I am coming to
you, etc"

By 1880, he had charge of Caroline County. In 1881, his health was failing and he settled in Caroline.
During this time, he was instrumental in building 3 churches, completing 2 and in purchasing and
furnishing one patronage.

John Gallatin Rowe died on April 16, 1891, of cancer, possibly of the stomach; and was buried behind
the church he founded, Bowling Green Methodist Church, where he still rests today.
On this tombstone - Servant of God Well Done

Sources: Gloria Gatewood, David Wiley, Lorrie Taylor
Wingfield's History of Caroline County, VA
Sketches of the Virginia Conference: Methodist Episcipal Church, South

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