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FE Coyne

Frederick Eugene Coyne

Sept 27, 1860 - Nov 24, 1948

Bakery/lunchroom owner, Internal Revenue Collector, US Postmaster, Real Estate agent

FE Coyne Biography - a summary by me, his great granddaughter, 3rd daughter of his great grandson, Frederick Eugene Coyne, III, detailing my last 20 years of researching him

Read "In Reminiscence", written by FE Coyne, in 1941

"A History of the City of Chicago - It's Men and Institutions"
published by the Inter Ocean, Chicago 1900, Press of the Blakely Printing Company, Chicago, p 92

"Historical Review of Chicago and Cook County and selected Biography"
by A N Waterman, A B LL.D., Chicago 1900, published by the Lewis Publishing , Chicago in 1908

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