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FE Coyne                Biographies

Historical Review of Chicago and Cook County and Selected Biography
by A N Waterman, AB LL.D., published by the Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago 1908 -

Frederick E Coyne, who has been a resident of Chicago for nearly a quarter of a century, has been one of its most prominent citizens, both in business and public affairs. He was one of the pioneers in the establishment of so-called bakery lunches, and still conducts a large and prosperous place on Madison Street. He has also held two government offices, both of which he was honored by this honorable and efficient conduct of their affairs.

Frederick E Coyne was born in East Orange, New Jersey, in the year 1860. He was educated in the public schools of his native place, and became a resident of Chicago in 1883. After coming to this city he was employed for a short time as a clerk, but, having saved a small capital, started a bakery, later adding several restaurants to this line and changing his retail bakery to a wholesale concern. This, also, he still conducts.

Mr Coyne has always been a staunch Republican, and active in politics.

In 1897, he was appointed collector of internal revenue in Chicago, holding the office for four years and conducting its affairs with the honest and business-like promptness which characterized the conduct of his own affairs. His record was emphatically endorsed by his appointment to the postmastership, made in 1901, and to the multitudinous and intricate details of his new department he brought the same business acument foresight and practical grasp of mind which had earned him the previous successes. He held the Chicao postmastership for another four years and since 1905 has given his attention to the superintendence of his large and growing private interests. He resides at 795 Warren Avenue.

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