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Ernest James Coyne, younger brother of Frederick Eugene Coyne, and 9th child of James and Martha SNOW Coyne was born in New Jersey in 1874. 

He was married to Mary Agnes Griffin and they had 2 daughters, Ernestine COYNE Dewsberry and Eunice Anne Coyne (died 11/1951).

Ernest helped brother Fred in the bakery before he opened his own deli and Mary acted as hostess for Fred when he had his political parties, since wife Pauline did not care for that activity.

Ernest used to send money to his sister, Helen COYNE Ewald, married to Henry Ewald (a Jersey City, Hudson County, NJ Attorney) to help with Martha's expenses. After Martha died in 1912, Ernest received a letter, probably from Helen or Henry Ewald that he "no longer needed to send $25.00 a month to his mother she had died and was buried in Denville, N.J."

Please feel free to email me if you can enlighten me anymore on Ernest or his family.

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