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Edgar Healey Rowe Murder at Holly Hill Farm

Holly Hill Farm

Home of Charles Collins---located 1.5 miles southwest of Bowling Green Virginia, on route 107, 0.5 miles southeast of route 207 on private road to site. The house was built in the early part of the 18th century by Richard Woolfolk. From this family it passed to the Anderson family, who sold it to Charles Collins. It stayed in his possession until 1909, when Edgar Healey Rowe purchased it.
The house is currently owned by the Ames family, who bought the 650 acre homestead in an auction in 1985, and raise Angus cattle.
The house is of the one and one-half story frame type with a slanting roof and dormer windows. It was later remodeled into a 2 story building. The roof is of metal. There are four large brick chimneys here.


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