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Holly Hill Farm

The memory of the Rowe days have been tainted by the present owner.

On Monday, April 19, 2004, 59 year old John F Ames, present owner of Holly Hill Farm (acquired in an auction in 1985 for $442,000) has been charged with First Degree Murder in the fatal shooting of neighbor Oliver Perry Brooks, 74, on the farm over almost 2 decades of feuding and litigation, involving a fence.

Ames had a fence erected in the late 1980s, and decided to use an old law in the books from the 1630s stating landowners share in the cost of construction of fences. He sent Brooks a bill for $45,000. He also sent bills to other surrounding neighbors, most of them Edgar Healey Rowe's descendants (mostly granddaughters - elderly women). Brooks promptly replied to the effect that he had no need for the fence, and refused to pay the amount until the time would come, if ever, that he would need the fence. Originally, the court ruled this out in favor of the neighbors, but it was overturned a few years later in favor of Ames.

Within weeks, they were feuding and dragging each other into court for various reasons. At one point during the height of the lawsuits, Ames allegedly had his "men" kidnap and beat Mr Perry. Not sure if he received any sentence for this. Ames complained more than a couple times of Perry's bull wandering into his farm to gain access to his Angus heifers.

On April 19th, Mr Perry - walking stick in hand- went over to Holly Hill Farm to retrieve his wanderlust bull. Ames fired his gun towards Brooks 6 times, shooting him 4 times, with one in the face. Only five cartridge casings have been found.

John F Ames has been charged with First Degree Murder, and originally was not to be allowed released on bond. His attorney (a former attorney for Lee Boyd Malvo - of sniper fame) stated he was a no flight risk and non-violent (huh?) and requested $50,000 bond. He is now free on $100,000 bond, in which his mother had to place her home as surety bond.

I would like to address this non-violent issue? Considering the menacing and the nature of the crime, the bullying of my distant cousins, the abduction of Mr Perry, and also a prior record of which Mr Ames tried to plow down an officer of the law with a tractor, hello???, would this not be considered violent?

Ames is claiming self - defense, stating Perry threatened him with a walking stick. Does this warrant 4 gunshots in the elderly gentleman's body? Mr Perry had a mere piece of wood, Mr Ames had a rifle, pistol and ammo.

He is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on June 11, 2004.


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