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Rowe Descendant Tree Index of Names George Henry Clay Rowe

Journal of George Henry Clay Rowe
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Friday, August 15th
The sunshine was streaming through the prison bar this morning when I awoke. It was some minutes before I could realize the circumstances. The painful fact that I was a prisoner and treated as a convict soon forced itself upon my senses and, rising, I joined my fellow prisoners in their morning toilet. I had scarcely dressed, when the sentinal who stood at the door of the cell announced breakfast; mechanically following the crowd of half clad, filthy looking soldiers, who I now saw for the first time, I entered a large, one story frame building where some three hundred soldiers were already seated to just such a meal as had been set before us the night before. I turned away disgusted, and walked out of the door, when to my pleasant surprise I saw Mr. Broaddus in the yard. After quite a warm greeting, he most agreeably informed me that he had obtained the consent of the keeper of the prison to invite us to breakfast with him. The invitation was soon conveyed to my companions and gladly accepted. Dr Broaddus led the way up four pair of creaking stairs, stained by time and the accumulation of dirt, where we found Mr Gill, Mr McGuire, Mr Wellford, Mr Bradley, and Mr Knox, who had been previously arrested under similar circumstances with ourselves at Fredericksburg. These gentlemen informed us that the room they then occupied was all that was allowed them for lodging, sitting room, and kitchen. On three sides of the room were three forms attached to the wall, about three feet and a half wide, five feet and a half high and seven feet long, these forms were divided into two stories, making two bunks each similar to those on board steamboats. A grate occupied the other side of the apartment, near which was a small cupboard in the wall. On a small table in the middle of the room, however was placed quite a savory and inviting breakfast, consisting of fried ham, cold chicken, sweet fresh bread and good strong Java coffee. This being the first regular meal which we had seen since our arrest, we did ample justice to its excellent provisions.

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