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Rowe Descendant Tree Index of Names George Henry Clay Rowe

Journal of George Henry Clay Rowe

August 13, 1862

Night of Arrest
Trip to Office
Home Visit
General Ambrose Burnside's camp
The Old Capitol Prison

August 15, 1862

Waking Up in Prison
Greeting Dr W F Broaddus
The Initiation
Writing Letters
Courtyard Exercise

August 16, 1862

Death of Child

August 18, 1862

First Visitor
Belle Boyd

August 19, 1862

Received furniture, presentation to Secretary of
War and spending the day with Hunter

August 20, 1862

Oath of Allegiance to be released

August 21, 1862

Letter from mystery damsel
Visit from wife
Practical joke

August 22, 1862

Fight with guard
Schoolmate Tom Addison visits, seeking parole for prisoners
2nd visit from wife

Rev Broaddus to be paroled
Practical joke on Mr Roberts

August 24, 1862

Who's having the love affair?
Preacher in the yard
Flaherty, Hunter's roommate escapes
Belle Boyd in prisoner exchange

August 25 - Sept 2, 1862

Growing friendship with Hunter
Hunter's release
Abolitionist Preacher

Sept 3, 1862

Wrote song entitled, "Oh! Stand the Storm!"

Sept 4, 1862

Getting to know fellow prisoners much better than before imprisonment
Questioning from the U S Government through Mr Wood

Sept 5 - 7, 1862

Abusing sentinal and reactions of Dr Cooke, Coakley and Ames
Ames using too much snuff
Quarreling between Coakley, Temple and Roberts


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