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Rowe Descendant Tree Index of Names George Henry Clay Rowe

Journal of George Henry Clay Rowe
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Sunday, August 24, 1862

The morning passed off as usual. I got to plaguing Messrs Knox and Broaddus and Wellford about their love affair, and it amused me to observe the earnestness with which they denied, and attempted to evade all complicity in the affair. I insisted, however, and proved the case home upon them. Mr Knox urged that the letter had been intended for Jarboe, a former prisoner. Mr Wellford, finding I was getting the advantage of Knox in proving that it was not Jarboe, broke in his usual dignified and solemn way and stated that he knew all about the affair, and the girl had sent the letter to Dr Camp (the little Frenchman who had initiated us). My answer to this was perfectly irresistible. They had both been simultaneously accused, they had evidently consulted together as to their defense and in less than fifteen minutes they had attempted to shift the responsibility in two different directions. Mr Broaddus, seeing the fate of his colleagues, did not venture to take part in the contest. I told the party, I was sorry for them and left at the summons of the sergeant of the guard to see a visitor. It proved to be Mr Leutze. I stayed with him but a few minutes. In truth, I did not care to see anyone from the outside world. In the afternoon, Mr Wood informed us there would be preaching in the yard. I went down and found Mr Leachman, a "black rock" Baptist preacher who had been taken prisoner. He was a rather coarsely dressed country man without education, but evidently a man of fine natural sense. He preached a very good sermon and took occasion soundly to berate and abuse the US Government, the men who captured him, the commandant of the guard, and the keeper of the prison who he denominated a wicked, domineering and tyrannical man, this he did with the keeper right before him as one of his audience! The US Government, he declared, was only composed of robbers, cutthroats, and liars.

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