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Journal of George Henry Clay Rowe
Table of Contents

Tuesday, Sept 3, 1862

A long lonesome day. would have been intolerable, but for the good news from the recent battles in Virginia. Many of our party believe that the chance of our escape, by Jackson taking the city, [better] than that through the application for exchange. A city policeman who was committed to prison a day or two since sang in the passage this morning with a splendid voice a most inspiring tune with the chorus "Oh! Stand the Storm!" Some of our party requested me to write a song for the tune commemorative of the recent events in Virginia and our future hopes. I complied, and here it is.

The hero Jackson comes, my boys
Oh! Stand the storm, it won't be long
Lift up your hearts, in song rejoice

Oh, Stand the storm, it won't be long!
He comes with sword, and bay'net long
He'll lay the vandals in the dust
Oh! Stand the Storm! Oh, stand the storm!
It won't be long! It won't be long!
We'll anchor by and by

Again he's swept Manassas' plain
And belching bullets thick as rain
He comes with fire and steel and flame
The despot quakes to hear his name!

The brutal Pope in his defeat,
Has found the lines of his retreat,
And King, though man of royal name,
Deserves his fate of open shame

The thund'ring shock of Southern braves,
Struck panic through the hireling slaves;
They broke, they ran, and curs'd the day
They met such men, in such a fray

And now our flag from neighb'ring heights
So proudly floats, so madly frights
The tyrant and his tools of state
They tremble at their coming fate

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