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Rowe Descendant Tree Index of Names George Henry Clay Rowe

Journal of George Henry Clay Rowe
Table of Contents

Thursday, Sept 5, 1862

Nothing of interest today

Friday, Sept 6, 1862

Amused myself today with terrifying Dr Cooke, Coakley, and Ames by abusing the sentinal. Those gentlemen being in fearful terror of being shot everytime I make any demonstration such as is referred to. By the way, it is computed that Ames has taken a pound of snuff daily since his incarceration, and as he has been wearing his beard long, and a great part of the snuff spills upon it, his face bears a very singular appearance. Mr Wood, when he came up this morning, created a great laugh by telling him that he "looked as if he had never washed his face, but had been all his life engaged in rooting around like a hog."

Saturday, Sept 7, 1862

Nothing of interest occurring. This morning after breakfast I started as usual the rounds of our rooms. On entering no. 12, Mr Bradley told me he wished I would stop the quarreling going on in the other room. I passed on into no. 13 and, without thinking or observing, cried out I had come in there to stop the noise in no. 13. There stood Coakley with a handkerchief pinned around his waist, in short sleeves and slippers, the very picture of a quarrelsome old maid. His face was white with anger as he nervously washed the breakfast things before him. On the opposite side of the table stood Mr Temple, fretting Coakley, whilst a few paces off stood Roberts, as mad as a bulldog, and all three jawing at once. It was a laughable sight and I broke it up with a laugh.

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