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Rowe Descendant Tree Index of Names George Henry Clay Rowe

Journal of George Henry Clay Rowe
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Friday, August 15th
Happily in about half an hour, the noisy voice of the keeper of the prison was heard, calling on the occupants of no. 3 to exacuate the cell, and in a moment, his short thickset form appeared, and with a perfect volley of oaths and obscenity, he good humoredly informed us that he had turned out the occupants of room nos 9 and 13 upstairs and adjoining that occupied by Messrs Broaddus and others of the Fred'bg prisoners who had preceeded us, in order that we, who he humorously styled the "elite of Fred'bg" might all be together. Blankets and baggage were quickly removed upstairs and the remainder of the day was devoted to the arrangement of our apartment, bedding &c. The room is the counterpart of that occupied by Messrs Broaddus, Bradley with the exception that it is three feet smaller each way. Mr Scott, Mr Slaughter, Mr Norton and Abraham Cox were roommates with me. This left one empty berth which was filled by Mr Richard Washington formerly of Westmoreland, late of Minnesota, where his family now are. He was arrested for assisting in the capture of a party of Confederate deserters on the Potomac and the scuttling of two vessels they had stolen for the purpose of plunder and illicit traffic. This, of course, was a crime of high degree in the estimation of the Federal authorities, and hence Mr Washington's incarceration.

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