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Rowe Descendant Tree Absalom and Almedia Rowe

Maurice Broaddus Rowe
Maurice Broaddus Rowe (1850 - ?), son of Absalom Peyton and Almedia Gayle Rowe. was a butcher and cattle dealer. At some point, he was a Councilman and a member of the Legislature. He served in the Spanich American War and was known as Captain Rowe, from that point on. In 1912, he was living at Brompton on Marye's Heights, now the home of the Dean of Mary Washington College which bought the property about 1945.

He married Cora Motley, from Caroline County, VA on 6/15/1876 in Caroline.

Maurice and Cora's children were:

Lena Prescott Rowe (1877 - ?) - married Unknown Kimpton
Educated at Fredericksburg. Teacher and nursing student in New York
Peyton Rowe
(1879 - ?) - married Myrtle Redford (1884 - 1967)
Managed Brompton Dairy, later became State Dairy Inspector and then Asst Dairy Commissioner
May Douglas Rowe
(1883 - ?) - married Edward Westwray Chappelle, on 2/21/1911
Attended Hannah Moore Academy in Maryland and kept house at Brompton
Leland Rowe
(1885 - ?) - married Corinne Painchard
Cora Motley Rowe
(1892 - ?) - married Albert Chipman
Maurice Broaddus Rowe, Jr
(1894 - ) - married Dorothy Dickerson (1892 - )


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