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Ida Gayle Rowe  

Below is a Census Report I found on the LDS Family Search web site. It shows Ida, widowed, with son Erasmus (Guy), living with her brother, William. I have no idea who William is, I don't have him listed as a brother, however, she does have a cousin by the name of Willie Rowe, son of George Henry Clay Rowe. But Willie, born William W Rowe, was born in 1856 and died about 1876. Ida's brothers George Thompson Rowe and Maurice Broaddus Rowe were born in 1848 and 1850, respectively. William in this census report was born around 1850.

1880 Richmond, Virginia


Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
William V. ROWE
Self M Male W 30 VA Merchant VA VA
Cora M. POWELL Wife M Female W 28 VA Keeping House VA VA
Lina POWELL Dau S Female W 3 VA At Home VA VA
Ida I. HOPKINS Sister W Female W 26 VA At Home VA VA
Guy HOPKINS Nephew S Male W 3 VA At Home VA VA
Josephine WASHINGTON Other S Female B 18 VA Laborer
James WASHINGTON Other S Male B 21 VA Laborer VA VA
Joseph WILLIAMS Other S Male B 28 VA Laborer VA VA

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