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Rowe Descendant Tree Absalom and Almedia Rowe

Ida Gayle Rowe
Ida Gayle Rowe (1852 - bet 1893 & 1903) was a daughter of Absalom Peyton and Almedia Gayle Rowe.

She married Erasmus William Hopkins (11/24/1824 - 3/30/1876), from Henrico County, VA in Fredericksburg, VA, on 12/2/1875. He was a merchant and a farmer from Glen Allen, VA. Mr. Hopkins was much older than Ida and died a few months after their marriage. He was 43, Ida was 23.

Erasmus was the son of George North Hopkins and Frances Gray, both from Warwick County, NY and later settled in Caroline County.

1880 Census Report

After being widowed for 12 years, Ida married Wellington Broaddus, of Caroline, a traveling man, and my notes state he was not a good worker (not quite sure what this means). They lived in Illinois for 2 years, then returned to Fredericksburg, where he opened a small store.

Her son, known as Guy Hopkins, went to live with his grandmother Almedia Rowe, when he was 12, when his mother re-married.

After she died, Wellington went out West for a while and at some point returned to Caroline. He was still alive in 1912.

Erasmus and Ida had one child:
Erasmus Guy Hopkins (4/9/1877 - 12/19/1/22) - married Pauline Gary in 1905
Born in Richmond, VA. Educated at Fredericksburg, postponed school for a time due to health reasons. After graduation, he went to Glen Allen with his aunt Josephine Hopkins, who gave him his medical


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