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 James and Martha      Coyne Surname

Martha Snow, from Roscommon County, Ireland was born around 1834. She married James
, also born in Roscommon County, on September 25, 1854 at his uncle's home in Irvington, NJ. His uncle's name was also James Coyne.

Since 1999, I have known she had at least 2 brothers, named Robert & William Snow. I found these 2 names when I received court papers for James' pension that Martha applied for in 1909. Recently, before Christmas 2003, I discovered 1more sibling, named George Snow, from a source on Rootsweb, by the name of Don Crispien. I also received William's birthdate from Mr Crispien. But on his General Affidavit, he states he is 78, which was completed on June 26, 1909. He might have just wrote 78 since his birthday would be in 2 months. Their parents' names are unknown, at this point:

William Snow, born August 1831, in Ireland. Married to Mary Cree, born Dec 1831, in Ireland
Martha Snow, born around 1834, in Roscommon County, Ireland. Married James Coyne, (born around 1828, also from Roscommon) on September 25, 1854
Robert Snow, born around 1838, in Ireland (birth date deduced from pension affidavit - he was 71 at the time)
George Snow, born around 1843 ? in Ireland

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